Chinese prediction for the year of the pig 2019

The year 2019 is marked by a playful and cheerful animal, who does not know the rancor and who is accustomed to obey.

chinese horoscope 2019

Freedom, equality, fraternity

The pig appears to remember that not everything has been rosy. Animal of deep loyalty, in the Chinese horoscope 2019 represents the defense of the rights, of minorities, of the most disadvantaged. Politician, the pig is not a conformist. He is the one who shouts, debates and runs out the back door. Throw the stone. It is the one that is generating new visions, creates manifestos and stands with a banner in favor of difficult causes. But, despite his revolutionary madness and his activism for climate change, the pig will remain an animal of the status quo. It is domesticated and obeys. Playful and cheerful, does not stay in the trivialities of grudges. It is simple, plain and frank. Each year of the pig, society advances in the social agendas, gets down to work and dresses as a worker to defend the rights of the most disadvantaged. He defends the lost causes, raises demonstrations and always has the purpose of distributing the accumulated. He is almost a revolutionary. And the year in politics is the same.

Changes and risky bets, contradictions and social movements, but finally the same institutions remain. And small changes. Not everything collapses, not everything changes. It is a year of common sense, of friendships, of generosity. It is a year of building and reviving the ideals. A year of speculating with utopias, putting them back to soak and getting them well ventilated in the sun. Personal dreams are on the surface. Dreaming of a more just world. The pig allows the impossible as much as possible. Moving forward will be something not to give up and, above all, not to hide. The year, in addition to the political revolt, leads to some deep sentences, which generate an example, that open the way to a new sense of justice. There will be occasional gains for some. Businesses begin to move, fertile ground for good investments. Circulation and new ventures that will make people feel active, full of new jobs. The sword of justice is the protagonist and it is not a moment of impunity. The pig catches the unjust and rewards the correct ones. You have to pay to see.

The rat, run and celebrate (1924 – 1936 – 1948 – 1960 – 1972 – 1984 – 1996 – 2008)

For the rat, this year will be very active. It is full of movement between stores and department stores. It will go from one meeting to another, carrying messages, merchandise and ideas. The rat and the pig are good friends. They share the delight of the celebrations and conversations in the cafes. They will not stop, these two, to talk, to negotiate, to create. Now, the rat is very innovative and libertarian; the pig is more antagonistic. He likes to take the opposite. Therefore, the last quarter of the year will be inhabited by many small setbacks that do not give any wait to the rat. He will have to negotiate and begin to overcome the difficulties. It is a time to look at the future and to join others’ projects. Therefore, although the year looks great, the rat will feel a little unsatisfied. It is good, from the month of March, to practice the acceptance and put on the fashion to take advantage of the financial and economic opportunities of the year of the pig. Without a doubt, this faithful companion will not leave her without learning and without the great friendships she deserves. A year for the meetings. The patronage, the sponsors and the good alliances are part of the advantages offered by this animal tied to the earth and that will allow an unusual shine during the day. Both benefit from working together. Water, soil and other elements, such as good food, seem to complement each other so that the rat is one of the animals spoiled by this new Chinese year. You have to dare to cross the mountains and, although more than one infraction appears on the road, you will have to pay. The same, the rat will win, no doubt, in the year of the pig.

The buffalo, silent and happy (1925 – 1937 – 1949 – 1961 – 1973 – 1985 – 1997 – 2009)

The buffalo is a very hard animal. He likes his work. He is passionate about what he does and reserves the best of himself to dedicate himself to creating and growing his own company. The year of the pig for this sign is a challenge because he must force himself to leave his comfort zone and start looking for success under tables and in remote places, with unknown people. They appear, in this year of the pig, the risks. The buffalo came comfortable, growing and enjoying its great achievements and capabilities. Now, in 2019 will appear challenges, obstacles necessary for fate to move and shake a little dust. A time where everything is complicated, although his extreme sense for business and business expansion will allow him to face changes and innovations. It is key to increase confidence and be alert to thefts and losses, which are not negligible in the whole year. The buffalo is an animal that is of earth element but, with the pig, the fog appears, the one that comes down from the mountains and forces it to see in a different way. You have to activate the intuition, the protective shields and all the eyes in the back. It is clear, however, that the pig and the buffalo are good friends in business, together they increase their profits and savings. They can earn money fast. Water and plenty of exercise is what the buffalo needs. The couple will be a support but you must have a lot of patience. Lovers and lovers are the order of the day, but it is the family that will bring you closer to beauty, protection and care. Details you need like water.

The tiger, enormous depth (1926 – 1938 – 1950 – 1962 – 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010)

In Chinese astrology, the tiger is in the wood group. It is an animal that evokes the great landscapes, the solitudes of nature and the distant mountains. The contemporary tiger likes the exhausting urban environments more. Every bar and corner crammed with chemists are his great fascination. In 2019, the tiger will pass for a deep philosopher or a sociologist who, in reality, will not stop traveling those routes of the exotic that the crowds offer him. The tiger will be able to wander through the showcases and urban centers in the year of the pig, but he will realize that he also wants to isolate himself more than usual. The tiger is a lonely being. He does not like to mix with people or walk in small groups. It prefers solitary exploration. It is a time to take care of the knees and the joints. All exercise is necessary to maintain vitality at the highest level. There will be good gifts during the year: promotions, new trips, loving children and even hidden loves. The tiger does not sail in its best year but it goes ahead with patience, tenacity and with the ability to become crazy. That the tiger does not roar too much and that it is better kept close to daily affairs and with very low profile. The policy will give you pains, companies will be at their limit and the tiger will be spa. Let it go out and take a walk through life, through bars, through meadows and monasteries. Buddhism and simplicity are good for the tiger. Even for a single year. It is not time to get away from sponsors and friends. Friendship will be above any passing passion.

The hare, seduce life (1927 – 1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011)

The task of the year of the pig with the hare is to let it out to jump, to run, to conquer, to win and to grow. The hare is very domestic, it is easy to handle under normal circumstances, but it is not an animal to stand waiting for orders to be given. The hare needs field, nature, mountain, hiding places, which, translated into the world of common days, refers to parties, much espionage and some cheap gossip. The hare will be pursued and desired, and will be full of new professional offers. He will let himself be tempted and his ability for theater will give him the necessary successes. It will be accepted in new brotherhoods. It will adapt to the year with a lot of ease and will get the maximum profits. A great diva spoiled by fate and called to take care of the ‘fire lord’ of passion and fame, his and others’. When the hare meets the pig, he sees a promising future and must seize opportunities to expand his territory, his security, his relationships, his great luxuries. There will be alliances of all kinds. For professional life, for the family and for their love. The year of the pig represents the properties for the hare. So you’re wandering around the neighborhoods to see what’s good to buy and, if necessary, have partners. He will analyze them, set limits and let others make the least profitable investments. Little generosity on the part of the hare, but it is a matter of survival. You need to increase your capital and take advantage of the good luck that is offered to you. You will have money earned with hard work and effort. Excellent time for relationships, in general, for love and the couple. A 2019 for popularity and sweet affective relationships. That the hare is not lost in explorations because it can lose what it considers most sacred. Joy with rectitude says 2019.

The dragon, rebuild from the ashes (1928 – 1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012)

The dragon needs imagination, good ideas and an environment full of fantasy to survive in an arid world. In 2019, the dragon will go a little unnoticed and will be the one that hurts the most not being taken into account in the race for the best positions. You will have to settle for a box of third class and one that another lag at a professional level. Nothing serious really, but, for the great dragon, 2019 is small. And it is better not to despise what arrives, because the pig will devour everything. It is better to leave aside the pride and walk with your head well bending, recognizing that not everything can always have the luxury you want. The dragon has the magnificence when he speaks, walks or dedicates himself to the garden. Do not plant any seed. He prefers the only ones, the difficult ones, the ones that require effort. And this is what the dragon must do while the pig makes the mess: choose well the seeds that he will plant in the next twelve years. It is a whole cycle of change and renewal and therefore the difficulty. May the dragon seek nature, leave behind the complainant and rather put himself to the offices to which he has been summoned and summoned. They will not be the best or the most figurative, but they are those in which you can have good learning. It is a time to rest, take a break and relax watching others run out with so many events. Yes, it will seem that much of what happens in the year of the pig is useless. It will become very critical and full of contradictory opinions. He does not understand anything of what happens. The year behaves with indifference among those who do not join the revolts and confusions and it is better that the dragon be armed with patience and take it with humor. Bury the seriousness.

The serpent, serve with the heart (1929 – 1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013)

The snake is an animal with an icy and true heart. He devotes little time to the uselessness of telenovela life. 2019 is the year you find what you want. He will not be called to the ranks of the great power, nor will he be the first in the social photos. But he will know how to earn his bread and be required to solve the disorder that the year of the pig usually causes. Your services and your ideas are recognized. They will not give him medals, nor will they promote him, but he will make those small businesses that will be called his best letter of introduction. The snake and the pig are not the best friends. They wander on the road, looking at each other with caution and some coldness. That’s why chaos does not sit well with the snake. It navigates very difficult in uncertain waters and prefers to curl up and hide until the bad weather passes. Now, he will be the one who puts the accents on the ‘i’s’ and will be the one who manages to carry out his own endeavors. Server and the public, will not skimp on being the one that stitches the great problems of a confused society. The pig makes disorder, the snake sweeps, cleans and arranges. Good pair in what refers to not leaving loose ends or sparing a weight for the needy. The serpent feels that his duty is the cause of the helpless, the crazy, the destitute. He will be very comfortable in areas where a good social policy is necessary. It is his sign with a big heart in 2019. The pig will give him everything he needs and everything he needs. So do not worry the snake, that small contradictions are part of the learning of the year. It will be more than enough for who knows how to leave behind their pride.

The horse, joy and beauty (1930 – 1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014)

A year in which the horse will be happy. He will know how to cope without many problems in his daily life and with professional matters he will be a good chess player. He will know how to move the necessary cards to obtain what he wants: the promotion, the pension, the recognition or the transfer to the country of his dreams. The horse, in 2019, will be a being of reliability. A time in which perfectly fit the intentions that come from time ago and the opportunities of the context: it is named the replacement of the boss, is called to direct events and present great proposals, is acclaimed in politics and diplomacy. The year of the pig is very suitable for the horse. They are good friends, they walk together, they walk in the same direction and they look for the same changes. Dreamers and full of old nostalgia, the pig and the horse are reformers. They want to generate modifications, go forward and reflect the most avant-garde approach. The horse will have the door open to rebuild his family life. No one will harm you or question you for the changes you need. She knows that it is time for a good romance, to cultivate the good deeds of the emotional life, to know herself near her partner’s heart and to recognize that she deserves the best. It is time to be very grateful and full of good vibrations. The horse comes the time of great diplomatic exercises to get what he wants. Solving your affective life becomes a priority. With a lot of flexibility, you can walk without the ties that have been imposed. It is a time of freedom, affection and success. Nothing more to ask in times when the world is out of order.

The goat, times of change (1931 – 1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015)

For the goat, the year of the pig is a year of adjustments and readjustments, of adapting to new circumstances and of maintaining a spirit of acceptance. A time in which each one of the moments of the life must be in consonance with the rest of the universe. The goat is an excessively sensitive, loving and creative being, full of good intentions and capable of recognizing the pain of the world. A being thrown forward, full of enthusiasm and good spirits, and that sees the small imbalances that the year of the pig brings. They are discomforts that will allow him to take on new professional challenges and be filled with excellent reasons to look for new fields of formation, of personal growth. It is a year to resolve, clarify and improve relations with the family, with the children and with the couple. The goat will not stop saying that it is a necessary time for the recovery of its closest environment. The closest beings will cry for it. They will tell you that it is better to speak up and face the obstacles and challenges. The great task of the goat is none other than his daily life: ordering the house, fixing the sink, painting the terrace and listening to the complaints of the neighbors. He will be an everyday being, determined that his life be kind and full of fresh breads, aromatic coffees and good dinners. That the goat does not get anguished. He will have what he needs and more. A task that allows you to get closer to your heart, your partner and your loves. It is time to leave behind the hardness and keep a good commercial agent nearby who handles business and professional matters. Let the goat catch up with the accounts and the numbers. The rest is done with great kindness. A good year to go to the countryside and enjoy. It’s time to enjoy.

The monkey, the inner way (1932 – 1944 – 1956 – 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016)

The monkey is not an animal of soul games. He prefers to move the chips in each of the dimensions of a convulsed world. Player par excellence, isolating yourself from the world is not your thing. It is an animal of challenges, with which you can make pranks to partners and friends. The monkey prefers to be partying, dancing and in many social events. But in 2019 he begins, however, to recognize that his soul vibrates with new perspectives. Look for a spiritual advisor for your questions about the meaning of life, love, truth and the hereafter. The monkey is characterized by its strong sense of belonging to the world that surrounds it. Comment, shout, change, play, transform. In 2019 you will find that your thoughts and feelings lead you to inquire about what your inner world is. He will sit down to meditate and he will know that each one of the seconds dedicated to this investigation will give him a thousand benefits. You will travel exotic places, friends with tunics or you will be interned for a few months in the closest convent. The monkey is creative, direct, frank and so sincere that he can not hide his passion for knowing what he does in the world and where he is going. Good times for this Chinese sign, because it is in the world of the pause where you will find the greatest creative sense and the greatest strength to keep pedaling in the scenarios that have touched you by destiny. In this 2019, the monkey will give the best of his life turns. It will open the way to recognize mistakes and to change with the beauty and strength of an animal that seeks the best options for all. He will think more about himself. Being another can be fun, being the best implies being more daring in tearing apart your inner being.

The rooster, new universes (1933 – 1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017)

The rooster is an animal that always seeks to recover what it believes in. A very conservative animal that does not like the unforeseen. In the year of the pig, the rooster will have to be patient because circumstances are not conducive to his character. You will notice that your words sound out of fashion, a little retro and very little avant-garde. 2019 is a year of drawing attention and going forward, breaking down barriers. A small detail that the rooster does not care. He prefers his well-to-do house and farm. A small home where no one comes to give you the orders you have not asked for. Therefore, the year of the pig for this Chinese sign is a bit destabilizing: it will be his turn to assume things he has not wanted to do for a long time and be the bitter part of the party. His managerial and managerial skills always put him first, despite changing circumstances. So the rooster will have to cover his eyes and accept that not everything can have his control or approval. The children will leave the house, seek better roads; bosses will demand too much, and employees will be more objectionable. The rooster will be an animal to trust, but, ultimately, it will not be the one that makes innovations in customs, nor politics, nor business. In general, it is better than the rooster, go unnoticed. That he stays out of controversy and that his friends do not even know he is in a downcast mood. Keeping the spirit calm will help you to recognize to yourself the goodness of your contribution. We must wait for the craziest of society to go back to seek their acute and serious criteria. A time to wait for the rooster. Wait without worrying and wait watching the world circus.

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