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According to the eastern calendar, 2019 will be the year of the Earth Pig. The pig does not like change. And, for example, he will never exchange his native booth for a luxurious palace!
Brown – a mountain of gold from it is not worth waiting for. Will come – will light up with a positive, cheerfulness and good mood.

It is possible that the mistress of the year will generously patronize people whose professions are associated with communication. These are lawyers, politicians, actors, advertisers, journalists. The rest will also contribute to luck, as the pig will help them with his wisdom and prudence. According to , the horoscope for the pig’s year 2019 is positive for almost all zodiac signs. Check to website for more details.
The most interesting thing is that the pig never chases after money. Dogs consider it their “pig’s duty” to build an ideal world. And they will not rest until they make it a bit kinder and more positive.

chinese love horoscope 2019
In Chinese astrology, the belonging of a person to a certain sign is determined primarily by the year of his birth.

Below are the years corresponding to specific animals, as well as their compatibility with representatives of other characters:

The sign of the Rat corresponds to people born on the following dates: 02/19/1996-06.02.1997, 02.02.1984-19.02.1985, 01/16/1972-02.02.1973, 01.28.1960-14.02.1961, 10.02.1948-14.02.1949.

They get along very well with representatives of their own sign, and the compatibility will be impressive regardless of whether it is intended to build close relations or this is just business cooperation. Also considered promising are unions with the Dragon, Snake and Monkey.

Male Rats quickly find common language with female Tigers, such partners will perfectly complement each other.

However, one should refrain from close contact with the Rabbit or Horse: these signs are the exact opposite of the Rat, therefore the chances of mutual understanding in any issues or matters are minimal.

The sign of the Bull is born to people born on the following dates: 02/07/1997-27.01.1998, 02/20/1985-08/02/1986, 02/03/1973-22.01.1974, 02/15/1961-04/02/1962, 01/29/1949-16.02.1950.

Bulls very poorly converge with representatives of their mark, and very seldom successful alliances with the Dragon, Tiger, Horse or Dog are obtained. Good compatibility is observed with the Rooster or the Snake, the Monkey will be a great friend for the Bull, the Rabbit will be an excellent business partner.

There may also be a successful alliance with the Rat, if the Bull changes its temperament at least a little and gives the partner some freedom.

The sign of the Tiger corresponds to people born on the following dates: 01/28/1998-15.02.1999, 01/09/1986-28.01.1987, 01/23/1974-10.02.1975, 02/05/1962-24.01.1963, 17.02.1950-05.02.1951.

Many people mistakenly believe that the Tigers agree well with representatives of their mark: they really have many similarities, but this is what becomes the main problem that creates rivalry.

Also, do not count on a strong and reliable alliance in any sphere with the Snake, Bull, Pig or Monkey. Dog, Sheep and Dragon will be good partners for the Tiger, they can build excellent relationships in friendship or love, and in business. It is possible to build family relations with the Horse, but it is better not to engage in joint business for representatives of these signs.

The Rabbit sign corresponds to people born on the following dates: 02.16.1999-03.02.2000, 01/29/1987-16.02.1988, 11.02.1975-30.01.1976, 01.25.1963-12.02.1964, 06.02.1951-26.01.1952, 02/19/1939-07.02.1940.

Rabbits can build a strong family or a reliable business with other representatives of their mark, but they should beware of Rats, Roosters or Dragons. With all the other characters Rabbit is fully compatible in certain conditions.

The sign of the Dragon corresponds to people born on the following dates: February 4, 2000-22.01.2001, 02/17/1988-05.02.1989, 01/31/1976-17.02.1977, 02/13/1964-01.02.1965, 01/27/1952-13.02.1953, 08.02.1940-26.01.1941. Dragons become excellent business partners with representatives of their mark, and in some situations they can build a strong family if they have different temperaments.

The rat is another suitable sign, with which business cooperation or personal life is successfully built, the Horse, Monkey or Snake is also suitable for this. Dragons are advised to avoid building alliances with the Rooster, Sheep, Dog or Pig.

The Sign of the Snake corresponds to people born on the following dates: 01/24/2001-11.02.2002, 06.02.1989-26.01.1990, 02/18/1977-06.02.1978, 02.02.1965–20.01.1966, 02.14.1953-02.02.1954, 01/27/1941-14.02.1942.

They achieve absolute mutual understanding with other Serpents, therefore such alliances are considered successful both in marriage and in business.

The bull, the Dragon and the Rat are suitable only for business relations, a strong family cannot be built with them; You should also avoid any close contact with a Tiger, Monkey, Dog, Pig, or Horse. Among the signs suitable for the Snake are the Rabbit and the Sheep.

The sign of the Horse is born on the following dates: 12.02.2002-31.01.2003, 01.27.1990-14.02.1991, 07.02.1978-27.01.1979, 01.21.1966-02.02.1967, 03.02.1954-23.01.1955, 01/15/1942-04.02.1943.

Good compatibility with other Horses, they can cooperate in absolutely all areas: to engage in joint business, have a long romance or build a family.

It is also good to build any kind of relationship with Tiger, Sheep, Dog, Pig and Rooster; possible long and strong friendship with the rat. It should beware of Rabbits and Snakes, since their unions rarely end successfully.

The Sheep or Goat sign corresponds to people born on the following dates: February 1, 2003-21.01.2004, 02/15/1991-03.02.1992, 01.28.1979-15.02.1980, 02.02.1967-28.01.1968, 01.24.1955-11.02. 1956, 01/05/1943-23.01.1944. Sheep are able to build harmonious and good relationships with other Sheep, and it doesn’t matter whether they plan to start a family or develop a joint business.

With Rats, there is an incompatibility in love or family matters, but they can become excellent friends or business partners; only the Bull and the Dragon should be completely avoided. Stability and understanding can be found in alliances with the Rabbit, Snake, Horse, or Pig.

The sign of the Monkey corresponds to people born on the following dates: 01/22/2004-08.02.2005, 04/02/1992-22.01.1993, 02.16.1980-04.02.1981, 01/30/1968-16.02.1969, 12.02.1956-30.01.1957 01/25/1944-12.02.1945. Union with other Monkeys may be promising, this applies to both building a family and working together, but for this they will need to show perseverance in order to get rid of possible differences.

It is recommended to avoid any relationship with Pig or the Dragon, compatibility with representatives of other signs is also not easy: the success of the union will depend on the desire of both partners to get rid of differences and gain mutual understanding.

The sign of the Rooster is born to the people born on the following dates: 01/23/1993-09.02.1994, 05.02.1981-24.01.1982, 02.17.1969-05.02.1970, 01.31.1957-17.02.1958, 02.13.1945-01.02.1946. They do not converge well with other Roosters, but at the same time they can build fruitful business relationships or a strong family if they cope with the differences that arise and learn to understand each other.

There is good compatibility with the Bull, Horse and Pig; with a dog and a rat, you can build a family, but not a business; contacts with the Dragon should be avoided.

The Sign of the Dog corresponds to people born on the following dates: 01/10/1994-30.01.1995, 01.25.1982-12.01.1983, 01.01.1970-26.01.1971, 01/18/1958-07.01.1959, 01.01.1946-21.01.1947.

Usually they achieve a good understanding with other Dogs, this is enough to successfully build any relationship. Rat, Tiger and Horse will also be excellent partners in any business, but it is recommended to avoid too close contact with the Bull, Dragon and Snake.

The Pig  corresponds to people born on the following dates: 02.18.2007-06.02.2008, 01/31/1995–18.02.1996, 02.13.1983– 01.02.1984, 01.27.1971–15.01.1972, 02.02.1959-27.01.1960, 01/22/1947-02.02.1948.

Another Pig will be the most suitable partner in work or personal life: full mutual understanding and trust are established between them, which is a guarantee of a strong and reliable union for a long time. It is also possible to build good relationships with the Bull, Sheep, Rat, Horse and Rabbit, but it is better to avoid close contact with the Monkey, the Snake and the Dragon.

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