Expert astrologer reveals how astrology affect us in 2019

The undisputed protagonist of this 2019 will be Jupiter, the planet of fortune, which until December 2 will be in Sagittarius, the sign of its domicile, or the sign in which the planet expresses its full potential.

The quality of the next few months will be clearly colored by a positive note.

Accordinf to this astrology website , 2019 is a year in which each of us can improve our situation, make new experiences, satisfy our desire to discover, to know.

It will be necessary to let oneself go a little further to the possible, and not to stiffen oneself on ideologies and habitual behaviors that are known all too well.

Jupiter is in a sign of fire and this also means that we will have to try to surround ourselves with people who energetically make us vibrate, laugh, and passionate. Make experiences, therefore, that make you feel alive, not off.

We must re-light our inner fire, recover our passion for life (in case it should have failed), go back to being curious.

It is the curiosity that moves the world, not the immobility. And this is what Jupiter wants to remind us.

Jupiter will also give us the impetus to take courageous actions, and even a little daring.

It will be optimism and confidence to give us the charge and the right amount of energy to take those steps that we have not done otherwise. It is significant that the new year begins with the entry of Mars into Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and represents the vital impulse, the rebirth, the new beginnings: what was not manifest, in January it will find its manifestation.

Courage, willingness to change, resourcefulness, audacity, will have to guide our actions.

Also significant that in January no planet will be retrograde, to confirm that we are entering a new phase of our lives.

In the foreground this year we will all have to put ourselves in the dimension of growth, enrichment, integration of the different.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will allow us to re-find ourselves, but also to re-discover the taste of research and exploration of new situations, which are necessary in order not to lose sight of themselves and their individuation.

ARIES (21-3 / 20-4)

The element that will play in your favor will be the unexpected.

You will know perfectly how to exploit it!

Dynamism and ability to engage others in your activities.

TAURUS (21-4 / 20-5)

You will know the right way to move and express yourself in the relationship with others.

Concrete year, practical. Operating.

Important, drastic, irrevocable decisions.

GEMINI (21-5 / 21-6)

Twelve months of great agitation.

Do your emotional relationships give you everything you want?

Look at reality without fear of what you might discover. Unexpected.

CANCER (22-6 / 22-7)

The new year has many surprises in store!

Durable professional affirmation is one of these, and even in feelings you will find stability.

Listen to the voice of rationality when you have to make an important decision.

LEO (23-7 / 23-8)

On the front page the emotional life, with seductions and conquests in splendid rotation.

In the work great dynamism and a lot of meat to the fire.

You will finally get the long-awaited results, you will be praised and rewarded.

VIRGO (24-8 / 22-9)

A useful year to eliminate everything that no longer has any reason to be.

Cash income lower than expected: you will always have the impression that you do not have enough financial resources.

Any unexpected expense will be like a blow to the heart.

BILANCIA (23-9 / 22-10)

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Taurus make you more curious, more available and ready for new experiences.

In work and feelings you will be favored by your personality and circumstances.

SCORPIO (23-10 / 22-11)

Life will appear in a different light: you will be less pessimistic, you will take everything with more philosophy.

Gorgeous, exhilarating year, above all in love and business. Constructiveness and luck will give you a long time to remember.

SAGITTARIUS (23-11 / 21-12)

It’s time to shine, to walk the world like on a catwalk.

You will reap the success you deserve!

You will want to get away from the usual context for a livelier life.

CAPRICORN (22-12 / 20-1)

Uranus, in appearance of trine announces an extraordinary twirling news and changes!

Ideal year to re-evaluate private life, love and creativity. Organize a trip, an escape, even just to find yourself …

AQUARIUM (21-1 / 19-2)

Important, positive year. A great desire to do will join the tranquility and the wonderful ability to communicate with others.

Beautiful – beautiful news from friendships, with new knowledge, some useful for work.

PESCI (20-2 / 20-3)

Excellent year for professional life, because you will discover the right direction in your life.

Saturn in sextile will make you more responsible, more independent in judgments, more objective in analysis and more balanced in decisions.

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