Annual Horoscope 2019: that’s how the stars stand for you


New Year New luck! 2019 is waiting for you with some surprises. Everything you could not tackle in 2018 will be easier to do in Venus year. What’s the new year’s job? Are there any changes?

Will you finally find the great love or continue to kiss only frogs? In addition, you get in 2019 yearly horoscope a style check and find out which look suits you best. We’ll tell you what’s coming up for you in 2019!


On your marks, get ready, happy! In 2019, you will rediscover satisfaction, both privately and on the job.

The reason: you learn flexibility and complacency. Also: walk away with your inner critic! Turn on the self-love mode for thoughts like “I’m not good enough”: Be as self-understanding and understanding to yourself as you do to your best friends.


Show time! You are full of energy and passion in 2019. That’s why you look for a niche in the job where you can develop yourself creatively. Increase the Venus level in your life!

More culture, enjoyment and above all: feel yourself. How it works? Often be analog and write by hand, e.g. a letter. Treat yourself to ten minutes daily, in which you do absolutely nothing. Classical concert instead of Netflix.


Wrööm! Venus throws the love turbo for you. Good that you have your job under control and now take more time for the beautiful in life. The wanderlust calls, your soul needs poetry.

Travel to places that are power places for you. Scouting areas where you can recharge, your zodiac fits. B. Formentera. Even churches, trees or mountains can radiate this poetry.


A power year! Your energy level is high, your enthusiasm too. You have to be careful that you do not overshoot.

Listen to your instincts. These are your inner navigation system that says when it pays to invest energy and when not. But avoid impulses – while shopping, but also in love. Just no hasty decisions.


Bye-bye, routine! Everything is different in the Venus Year: You experiment with your booty scheme in men.

Making compromises and being nice was yesterday. Do you dare to do something unusual (style, job, vacation). Experiment! Contaminated sites such as difficult relationships or nagging self-doubts must now be disposed of. Coaching can help in 2019!


Your heart wants closeness and distance. Not so easy to keep your balance! But this year you are getting better and better.

Your lucky charm 2019: Mindfulness. The great happiness can be made up of many small pleasures. Feel, taste and listen. In the head it rattles constantly? Learn a relaxation method that clears your mind.


In 2019, you are focusing your soul-searching on yourself instead of wasting your time on love dramas. Motto: I love myself.

Your challenge 2019: To live love without sticking to the other. So put your energy into yourself, your advancement and your creative projects (yes, yes, yes!) Instead of thinking about a man all the time.


In your Venus goodie bag: love, charisma and spirit of departure. To develop yourself, you are inspired by other women.

“Other women are my allies, not my competitors!” This motto will carry you forward in 2019. Be inspired by others and build a network in the job that will help you to share.


Take care of your heart in 2019: Venus sends you more than an interesting man over. Also in the job you have a lot of great options.

Discover the magic of everyday rituals. Yoga in the morning, walking around the block at noon, drinking tea at Tea Time, writing in the evening in your Grateful Diary … Whatever you enjoy: Little rituals will give you a hold.


You are damn clever and assertive. Your order from Venus for 2019: do not wait, but be active when it comes to your luck.

The Year of Venus sends you on the I-treat-me-what-trip. Travel, fashion, new furniture? Only too! Tip: Try a mix of happy memories. When traveling you will find the matching individual pieces.


Your mental cleanup: You separate yourself from people who are not good for you. As a reward, Venus has a lucky bonus. Ask yourself the right questions: Who would I like to be? Am I behaving in such a way that I am satisfied with this current decision in five years? Do I demand more from others than from myself?

Love Horoscope 2019

Please wait, please wait … In January you hang in the cosmic hotline, nothing works. But at the end of the month you start the new year with 180 hp!

For two years there have been so-and-so phases, but now you are full of optimism, passion and enterprise! In May, it crackles between a colleague and you. But not everyone should know that.

Your relationship theme with your sweetheart (Money? Household? Ex?) Dissolves in September in favor.

Love at first sight: This year you have so much power, that actually only one ram is possible. It snows into your life in March and is entertaining and indestructible, in bed and otherwise.

He admires your wisdom, which flatters you. Totally different, but exciting: A fish turns up in February and off again. He can not be packed. But when he’s there, you can chat with him.

Stay away: order is the whole life – for a virgin man anyway. Not for you. He’s trying to organize your life in July. Let him sort your clipboard and give him some great nutritional tips. He is good at that. For more, he is not useful for you.

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